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Alumina Magnesia Carbon Refractories



MgO (%)  in DBM, Al2O3 (%) Fixed C (%) A.P (%) B.D (gm/cm3) C.C.S (kg/cm2) Primary Raw Material Application area


10.0 60.0 5.0 7 2.95 400

Calcined Bauxite, Fused Magnesia and Graphite

LRF,VD, VOD metal zone and bottom


10.0 60.0 8.0 8 2.92 400

Calcined Bauxite, Fused Magnesia and Graphite


15.0 70.0 7.0 8 2.98 400

Brown Fused Alumina, Fused Magnesia and Graphite

LRF,VD,VOD bottom impact
Note : The above figures are typical data as determined through Indian Standard Testing Methods and pertains to most commonly procured commercial sizes. These will be subject to reasonable variations for tailor made and non-standard sizes.Materials can be manufactured to suit customer's specifications.
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