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Ceramic Fibre Shapes

Ceramic Fibre Shapes
Flat shapes: 700 mm width X 1200 mm length X
125 mm thick
Sleeves : ID 20 mm X OD 500 mm X 75 mm
Thick X 300 mm length

€ Excellent insulating performance
€ Excellent thermal stability
€ Low heat storage
€ Resistance to thermal shock
€ Good machinability
€ Non wetting to Aluminum
Type : Rigid flat and curved refractory ceramic fibre shapes
Classification temperature :
STD : 1260 C AZS : 1400 C S : 1260 C
HS 45 : 1100 C M 1600 : 1600 C STD DX : 1260 C
Paper : 1260 C /1400 C    
€ Molten Aluminum Handling applications 
€ Transfer ladles
€ Die casting € Pouring tubes
Ceramic firber shapes are manufactured from Refractory fibres. Ceramic fibre shapes are designed for use in application conditions requiring superior insulating properties combined with high rigidity and mechanical strength. The above shapes can be made to suit specific requirements.
Main Properties Ceramic Fibre Shapes
All above products are subjected to standard tolerances. The values given herein are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Therefore, the data contained herein should not be used for specification purposes.
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