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Ceramic Fibre Board

Ceramic Fibre Board
Standard sizes: 500 mm width X 1000 mm length
600 mm width X 1000 mm length
• Very high strength
• Excellent machinability
• Low shrinkage
• Non–Wetting to molten Aluminum and other non ferrous   metals.
Type : High strength boards based on refractory fibres.
Classification temperature :
HS 45 : 1260 °C
SS 800 : 1260 °C
HS 45 LB : 1260 °C
• Backup insulation in steel ladles Like Tundish & Torpedo ladles.
• Rotary Kiln back up of calcining and dolomite Kiln.
• Used as back up to feeder channels of glass tanks.
• Excellent Non – wettability to molten Aluminum and ideally suited for various molten metal contact applications such as Launders,    Header Box, Troughs and Hot top Moulds etc.
High strength ceramic fibre Boards are having high compressive and flexural strength and good resistance to erosion from gas flow than normal Ceramic firber boards. High strength Boards are designed to meet the toughest knocks and pressure maintaining its strength over a long productive life. It has low shrinkage compared to other fibre products.
All above blankets are subjected to standard tolerances. The values given herein are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Therefore, the data contained herein should not be used for specification purposes.
Main Properties Of High Strength Ceramic Fibre Boards.
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