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Monolithic Products

Monolithic Products are necessary to all industrial processes involving high temperatures. The products have to meet a series of thermal, mechanical and chemical requirements such as high temperatures, thermal shocks, erosion and corrosion. Monolithic refractories are a wide family of products that include Dense Castables, Monolithic Cement, Gunning Mixes, Plastics, Ramming Materials, Tap-Hole Clays and Insulating Castables showing properties that outperform traditional refractory bricks. It also provides rapid installation time reducing the down time of a given application into the customer process. Moreover, we are listed amidst the supreme Grouting Cement Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

Grouting Cement

Our company is counted as one amidst the eminent Grouting Monolithic Cement Exporters from India. The Grouting Cement is widely demanded in the market as we provide in varied grades and specifications meeting the requirements of the clients. Additionally, the High Performance 

Grouting Cement

is of unmatched quality and exhibits unsurpassable performance in respective applications.
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